Organizational and Team Transformation

Transforming your business is no joke. It’s hard work. You are defining the strategy, defeating the competition, driving financial results….and then, there’s the people side of things. Without their engagement and alignment, you’re going nowhere fast.

I can help. I’ve built/lead/redesigned 10 unique teams in high growth FinTech and Telecom industries in the last 15+ years. I know what works. And, I know what doesn’t.

It works when you have a partner who is an extension of your team, driving the transformation forward while you and your team focus on your customers. It works when you engage the team and communicate effectively. It works when you have someone who has “been there” and can help. That’s me.

It doesn’t work when someone prescribes a process, works only with the leadership team, or assumes they have all the answers.  That’s definitely not me. 

You will get truthful and transparent feedback, even if it is hard to hear.  You will get a plan that works for the unique needs of your business and your team.  You will get results.


strategic transformation planning and execution

You’ve developed a new strategy, now what? It’s time to drill that strategy down to the individuals, teams, and processes that need to change. That’s where I come in.

strengths-based team design

Individuals are more successful when they operate from a place of strength – their innate combination of thinking and behavioral preferences that make them unique.  When you build a team based on these strengths, they will deliver results faster, work smarter, and communicate better than teams that are formed based on skills alone.



individual and team coaching

Transformation isn’t easy for most people.  You’re changing their role, challenging their performance, and checking in on their progress. Individual coaching is one way to support your team members. As a Certified Life and Career Coach, I help people dig deep to uncover what is really at the root of the resistance to change – and most importantly, find ways to move through it.