In 2019, we are excited to invite you to attend one of our Unshakeable Women events! As we move into 2020, more Emergenetics and Unshakeable Leader events will be available as well. Stay tuned!


We care deeply about your personal and professional development. You don’t have the time to waste on events that do not deliver results, so we focus on practical application ideas and tips you can apply the next day in all of our events. Join us for one of our amazing coaching programs designed to fit into your busy schedule.

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Wondering what it means to be an Unshakeable Woman?

You stand confidently on a firm foundation built on your strengths, skills, and passion. You are focused on your vision for the life you want to create.

You are connected to your team, your leaders, and your business. You know your role and understand how your leadership strengths drive the business. You courageously create new opportunities for yourself and your team.

You harmonize your work and your life in a way that works for you, moving you closer to your ideal life. Every. Single. Day.