About Stephanie 

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Just the Facts...

I am an accomplished executive with more than 15 years of experience leading teams through change and driving business results. I am also a wife and a mother of two amazing kids, who remind me every day that when it comes to helping people understand change, some of the principles applied in the corporate life fit your home life as well!

I am a visionary leader who is passionate about developing people to their fullest potential. With an imaginative eye and a deep understanding of what drives a business forward, I have created opportunities for my team and my clients throughout my career. An energetic, authentic leader with diverse experience and a passion for excellence, I drive change and motivate teams for success.

As the President of The Polen Group, I work with teams and organizations from the inflection point of their transformation through the iterative process of delivering value and success for the individual and the organization.

I am a Certified Emergenetics Instructor and use this powerful tool to understand more about the whole individual and how to leverage their strengths for the success of the team and the organization.